Atria is slightly different and uniquely positioned compared to more traditional association management companies.

We were founded over 100 years ago as an association and have used the strong organizational and management skills developed over the years to expand our business to serve other associations. Most of our clients are higher education associations, and we are now expanding to serve other professional industries. Unlike other companies, we do not operate as a fee per individual service, checking off a list from a standard association management template. We try to gain an understanding of what a client needs, propose how we would approach the work, and then provide a realistic budget for the service. We collaborate with clients to ensure they have the management support needed to be successful.

The information below outlines the core services that Atria can provide your organization; however, we are happy to discuss other opportunities as the needs within association management are constantly changing.

Event and Meeting Management

Our team facilitates events ranging from small in-person programs to 1,000-person annual conferences, making planning and managing meetings one of our strengths. Atria is available to support your in-person event needs by:

  • Advising and participating as a member of the planning committee
  • Liaising with speakers, hotel, vendors, and corporate partners
  • Producing signage, conference materials, event app, and more
  • Managing online registration
  • Providing staff for onsite for registration and conference management
  • Conducting site selection for future events

Atria is able to provide full service audio-visual services for meetings and annual conferences, including breakout sessions as well keynote general sessions. Atria will support you by:

  • Confirming audio-visual needs and prepping presenters to ensure individuals are comfortable with the technology
  • Providing high-quality equipment is used to ensure all attendees have an excellent visual and audio experience
  • Sending professional audio-visual staff to coordinate setup of all rooms and be available to assist presenters throughout the event

The pandemic has also increased the importance for associations to amplify and expand their online resources. Atria has staff and software to manage and facilitate online programs to engage and educate members. This includes:

  • Hosting webinars
  • Conducting virtual board and volunteer meetings
  • Supporting digital courses
  • Designing virtual instructional courses
  • Implementing learning management systems
  • Implementing community engagement platforms

Association Operations Management

We have a robust customer-focused culture that puts the needs of members first. We use software designed for associations to manage member data and to push out regular informative and promotional emails; we also utilize cloud communication solutions that have allowed staff to provide seamless and customized customer service while working from home during this global pandemic. Potential services include:

  • Answering main phone line and responding to incoming email
  • Assisting members with basic membership questions and processing payments
  • Transferring calls to appropriate association personnelM
  • Establishing and maintaining information in a member database management
  • Assisting with member recruitment and retention planning and implementation
  • Designing a dues renewal campaign schedule
  • Sending welcome packets/onboarding emails to new members
  • Processing conference registrations by phone and mail
  • Managing association equipment, supplies, and software

Atria uses audit-tested procedures that meet or exceed Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). Our systems and processes have achieved “clean audit” status for all client organizations. We work collaboratively with boards to create realistic budget assumptions and parameters, and create and present easy to understand quarterly financial statements that assist boards in making important strategic decisions. The following are the types of services we can provide:

  • Advising the Board of Directors on the financial status of the organization and developing strategies for increasing and managing revenue
  • Assisting in annual budget preparation
  • Processing invoices and other payables
  • Receiving payments for dues, meeting registrations, and other receivables and entering transactions into a database and general ledger
  • Reconciling all bank statements
  • Producing quarterly financial statements
  • Maintaining required bank accounts in Bloomington, Indiana
  • Managing relationship with investment firm
  • Ensuring that annual taxes and forms are prepared and submitted, with appropriate board review and oversight
  • Conducing an annual financial audit (with third party)

Atria’s marketing, publications, and graphic design team collectively has over 50 years of experience in both print and electronic publications including website functionality, social media optimization, and effective marketing strategies. In the past, we have successfully updated the brand of client associations, including their websites, by utilizing industry standard persona development and member input to create attractive logos and brand attributes to communicate value and purpose of the organizations. We maintain strict brand guidelines and give tremendous scrutiny to all member and external communications to ensure that brands are represented accurately. The following are the types of services we can provide:

  • Promoting the association through various communication vehicles including email, website, and social media
  • Producing and sending association e-newsletters (advertising revenue opportunity)
  • Hosting, designing, and serving as webmaster of association website, ensuring all content is accurate and posted in a timely manner
  • Providing server maintenance to association website
  • Maintaining database to ensure that email list and social media accounts are current and accurate
  • Creating timely social media content and push to all platforms
  • Spearheading a rebrand process, including needs assessment and focus groups to inform new logo design that better represents the association and relates to its members
  • Maintaining association “brand” image and creating guidelines for logo usage in print and electronic communications
  • Identifying, negotiating, and maintaining current vendor/software contracts to support communication and publishing activities
  • Copyediting, designing, and arranging for production of association publications
  • Creating marketing materials (flyers, badge ads, social media) for the annual conference, publications, and membership retention and recruitment

Associations are formed because individuals come together with a common purpose to share information and resources in their profession. It is typical that over the course of time the volunteers running the association need professional support to manage the operations of the association. Volunteer management services include:

  • Scheduling and attending board and committee meetings, including arranging Zoom video-conferencing
  • Taking minutes of board meetings
  • Providing ongoing project management for board and committees
  • Reviewing contracts and signing contracts on behalf of association
  • Ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and reporting requirements
  • Conducting board election process
  • Facilitate onboarding
  • Overseeing an awards process